• Timber Roof Structure: Residential & Commercial
  • Light Steel Roof
  • Trusses (Ultra-Span)
  • Roof Tiles
  • Sheeting: Residential & Commercial


  • Timber roof structure – residential and commercial
  • Light steel roof trusses – Ultra-Span
  • Roof tiles
  • Sheeting for residential and commercial
  • Sheeting and cladding for factories
  • Ceilings – residential and commercial
  • Seamless gutters
  • Factories and office blocks

Timber Trusses 

Timber roof trusses are structural frameworks of timber designed to bridge the space above a room and to provide support for a roof. Timber trusses are the most common roof structures for the residential market. These trusses are fully engineered structures delivering practical and versatile roofing solutions and timber has been the material most easily accessible and, therefore, these trusses are so popular. It also offers a cost-effective and speedy solution to roof framing.

Light Steel Trusses 

Light steel trusses have been developed as a light structure, not only for the structural support of roof cladding, but for complete load bearing wall and floor systems. Light steel trusses have become very popular and can be used on any type of building method, not only on a light steel structure.

It is often believed that light steel structures cannot really compete with timber nail-plated roof trusses on the low-cost market, but quite the opposite is often true; where in fact light gauge steel structures at the lower roof pitch of 17.5 degrees for tiles is usually more cost-effective due to the greater strength of steel versus timber and also all the sundry materials being supplied in exact lengths thereby leaving no wastage.

A further site advantage, especially on large low-cost housing sites is the inherent resistance of light gauge steel to warping in poor weather conditions as well as the materials being non-combustible and as such not being used for other purposes.


MiTek Ultra-Span light gauge steel roof structures prove effective on low-cost housing projects.

Lightweight roof trusses, in the form of Ultra-Span, have taken off spectacularly in Southern Africa.

When it comes to large span structures, MiTek has proven many times over that its Ultra-Span light gauge steel roofing system is very much the product of choice and has been widely utilised successfully on various commercial projects. Ultra-Span is a roof system using patented profiles rolled from steel sheets in various thicknesses by MiTek. 

The design is similar to prefabricated timber roof trusses, using a sophisticated MiTek computer programme adapted for local conditions. This means that the exact requirements for the local SBS codes, in respect of loadings and safety factors, have been incorporated into the design. All local practices, such as the use of purlins and battens to support the roof covering in place of sheathing as is customary in the USA, have also been incorporated.

Regarding corrosion resistance, the system makes use of cold-rolled steel, which is either galvanised or covered in a coating of Zinc-Alume. The Zinc-Alume option is a trademark product supplied internationally, while the galvanised product is supplied locally. The Zinc-Alume coating provides a much superior corrosion resistance that 275 g /m2 galvanising provides. However, when a roof is fully enclosed by its top covering, as well as a ceiling, so little air circulates in the roof that corrosion is not an issue.

Light gauge steel systems like Ultra-Span are not only perfectly suitable and cost effective for low-cost roof truss construction for either tiled or sheeted roofs, but also for very simple purlin applications, thereby replacing timber beams or the more expensive lipped channels sections which often still have to be painted to withstand corrosion.

For those developers who wish to have a strong, cost-effective solution combined with the flexibility of light-weight prefabricated trusses, Ultraspan could be the system that would best suit your needs.  And if you are roofing any projects in Africa, our product is by far the best-engineered, most cost-effective solution that you will find

We are a MiTek License holder, thus we can assist architects, building contractors and home owners to design a roof for their new projects. All designs are done in-house to make sure Wave Roofing can give clients personal attention and service.